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To the members of Pentecost Revival Church International and the African community in Amsterdam Zuidoost,  Pastor Koney is a pivoted Anchor of Hope  for both Spiritual , Psychological and Practical challenges facing the community of Africans in Amsterdam Zuidoost.


Issues handled by him or under his leadership include, relationship, financial, immigration and all other matters/challenges that the immigrant community faces in the Netherlands.  He offers them comfort, guidance and advise , as well as points them in the right direction to resolve the challenges they face in life

Rev. Koney is seen here busy on the phone resolving issues, building sustainable bridges between the Dutch bureaucratic system , its effects on immigrants that have chosen to live in Holland or made Holland their home and the community of immigrants that reside in the Amsterdam Zuidoost area.


The Leadership of the Pentecost Revival Church International has demonstrated relentless efforts in the growth of a healthy society, where people of all faiths live productive lives under the laws of the Dutch Government.   


Reverend Koney’s passion is to educate immigrants on the importance of adhering/abiding to the laws of the Netherlands and bringing out the best in people to enable them live fulfilling lives.

Statistics show that most African immigrants living in the Netherlands and across Europe, tend to work long hours to make ends meet, so they can turn around and financially support their families back home in Africa,  hence Sundays are a time for them release the weekly built up tensions/stress, therefore their ties to their Faith and the Church is one that is very important and crucial to their mental state of mind. 


The church provides from them an avenue to not only worship God, but also to sing and dance and rejoice in the name of God. The Pentecost Revival Church International provides that platform or cushion for its members to know that there are institutions within the Dutch society that have partnered with the Church in bringing support or relief to some of the challenges of life in Holland, and Reverend Koney has pioneered measurable initiatives to that effect.


One such initiative is the Police Dialogue which has helped a great deal in  reducing criminality in the Amsterdam Zuidoost area, because it has educated people on the laws of the Netherlands, as well as the importance of engaging the Police in a respectful , communicative manner that fosters a true partnership between Police and the community at large. 


The dialogue has also enabled Politicians, the IND , Lawyers etc to all dialogue with the community on changes in the law and how it would or could affect lives in the Netherlands as a whole for the average immigrant.



8:00 PM - 10:00 PM



2:00PM - 5:00 PM


Corresponding Address:
Postbus 1239

1103 AX Amsterdam




0031(0) 206951012

0031(0) 654763538

Charity's House 

Bijlmerdreef 1239

1103 TX Amsterdam



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